Honda Civic

This page is here to help other people to change that less than adequate car stereo that comes with the car. I found it very difficult at first to get started and I though there might be other people out there who might have similar kind of problem, so I decided to 'document' my little project.
It took us (my wife and me. It can be done alone as well, but company is always nice...) approximately 3.5 hours from start to finish, but that was without proper instructions and I have to say that we spent first hour just trying to figure out how to get started. So it shouldn't take more than couple of hours with these instructions.

Below two pictures of Honda Civic I have (I found from internet). The car we have is automatic, but it shouldn't be much different for manual models.

Honda Civic 'New Shape' 2001- exterior Honda Civic 'New Shape' 2001 - interior.


Before you start you need some basic tools. We used 2 butter knives to help to remove those plastic panels and a screw driver (one that can be 'bent' in order to reach one difficult screw).

Make sure you have one of those cable fitting adaptors (one place to get is here) because without one it will be very difficult to get it running.


Tools used. Honda Civic fitting adaptor (by InCarTec).
 Tools used  Honda Civic fitting adaptor

1. There were some preparations to be made before I started to use those butter knives, I moved gear stick to the middle and then removed the knob part. I also removed control knobs from heating/cooling controls.
It might not be obvious from the Picture 1. but I also removed glove box (2 screws at the bottom) and little plastic cover below steering wheel in order to enable me to remove (2 screws) the centre consol unit (Picture 6, Picture 7, and Picture 8). It should be possible to loosen those two screws without removing glove box and that plastic cover, but you will need some additional tools (spanner or something similar).

Getting started.. Picture 1. First stage.


2. After we finished removing plastic panel around gear stick (Picture 2.) this is what it looked like. I think they have used some sort of clue (or some other stuff to make it stick) at upper left corner of the first panel as it was really hard to remove. I would recommend starting from the bottom as I couldn't get it removed when I tried to start from top part of the panel. I also removed that metal part in the middle (high lighted in Picture 2.) in order to make it easier.

First panel removed...
Picture 2. Second stage.


3. Centre console unit comes out as one unit (Picture 3. and Picture 4.). You shouldn't need to use too much of force to get those clips detached. I used butter knives to (started from the bottom) lift up the unit and little by little advanced towards top (in Picture 5. you can see where those clips are). As console has a metal part (two circles in Picture 3.) which is attached to a metal frame (two circles in Picture 6.) that is part of the car, you need to loosen those screws slightly before starting to lift it off.

Centre consol removed...
Picture 3. Console unit from close up highlighting the parts that are used to attach the unit to car body.

More pictures from centre consol.
Picture 4. Console unit from distance.


4 . Once you have removed those power cables and antenna cable from the console unit, you should be able to move it away for replacing the stereo unit. Picture 5. shows what it looks like without console unit. There are four separate power cables (green adapters are for different control devices and blue adapter is for stereo) and one antenna cable. I have also highlighted the locations on clips.

Dashboard without centre consol.
Picture 5. This is what dashboard looks like without that centre consol unit.


5. Below some detailed pictures (Picture 6, Picture 7, and Picture 8) regarding how unit has been attached to car body.

Close up of console attachment to car body.
Picture 6. Close-up picture of the part where screws are used to attach console unit to car body.

And more close up pictures of console attachment to car body.
Picture 7. Detailed picture of left side.

And even more close up pictures of console attachment to car body.
Picture 8. Detailed picture of right side.


6. And below is console unit (Picture 9.) without stereo.

Console unit without stereo.
Picture 9.


I have to say that as Honda doesn't seem to have standard size stereo 'face' I ended up leaving the old unit in its place and attached the new unit below it. This was mainly because I couldn't find any fascias that would make the new unit to look nice. It still looks a bit tacky (Picture 10.) but at least there aren't any major gaps above and below the stereo. Maybe later on I'll find a proper facia designed for Honda Civic which will take that stereo... 

Picture 10.

I hope this has been useful for you... Good luck and be patience. It will come off without any brute force or breaking anything. I unfortunately managed to make some marks to my unit while removing it, but that happened before I figured out how to remove it properly.

  Last updated: 2008-03-29